Hi, I'm Veya.

Hi, I'm Veya.

History surrounds us. It’s intertwined within the world we experience today, and if you know exactly what to look for, you can find hints of the past, literally everywhere you turn. Nothing is truly original, but yet, in some beautifully poetic way, everything is authentically unique. Everything comes from something... formed on the basis of inspiration, imagination and recreation. This concept has been a personal theme of mine lately -- never duplicated, just replicated -- over and over again.

Nice to meet ya!  My name is Vianna, but call me Veya. I've given up my birth name and identity to my personal brand because fashion has always been the core of my DNA. I'm a second generation American with Sicilian seamstress blood. I've always felt that my fate was basically sealed.

I (fortunately & unfortunately) launched my own clothing brand, Vianna Occhino NY, just a few months before the insane COVID-19 lockdown. Now I've found myself just trying to navigate and balance my new little baby in the most unique, out of the box ways I can think of -- by communicating why I do what I do, and love what I love, with you.

Nothing really scares me after the insanity of four years at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). That was the hardest goal I've ever set out to accomplish, but the most fulfilling.  Every day I thought to myself, "damn,  if I make it to graduation, that would be wild".  I persevered and defied even my own odds.  My senior thesis walked runways, was put on display in the Museum at FIT for a summer exhibit called, "Exposed: The History of Lingerie", and that thesis garment was even picked up to be used for some ad work for product campaigns.  That was pretty cool.

And so, here I am, just talking about my personal experiences as a creative female who grew up in the Bronx, NY, with some crazy passionate Italians -- in hopes to inspire you just a little bit, like my parents and grandparents inspired me. Passion is key and has the power to save lives... it saved mine.  Here, I promise to be utterly raw, unfiltered, and genuine in everything I speak on.

A bit more about me...

I collect & craze over vintage designers like a lunatic. I antique & thrift shop because I'm fascinated by the depths of history behind old items. I’m obsessed with history, genealogy, neuroscience & mental health, and I (used to) read the tarot (yes I stopped because a medium told me to).  I'm intrigued by so many different things.  I feel constantly thirsty for knowledge and admit that I have way too many interests for the average person.  I don’t pretend to know everything… but I kind of know a little bit about a lot of things that I want to learn more about.  I never want to stop learning.

So please don’t be surprised when you check back in and I’m here ranting about things beyond fashion, vintage and clothing.  I'll try to make a topic calendar for those of you who are more selective in your interests.  I hope whoever’s reading this or listening in (audio is coming) will engage in these conversations.  This is just something I've really wanted to do in what I find to be a quite isolating world.


With so much love,


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