The Art of Separation

The Art of Separation

The Art of Separation.
The lesson of a lifetime; a testament to the self.  Maybe one of the toughest experiences to go through as humans living in this painful realm called Earth.
As time speeds by, we separate from parents, siblings, friends, partners, pets, materialistic things, whether we're ready or not.  In essence, anything that we have potential to grow attached to, we have the possibility of losing.  Everything can be lost, and it's almost never on our terms.
We sometimes grow attached to concepts and ideas; of ourselves, relatives and loved ones… attached to ideas of possibilities of the future, created within our imaginational realm.
When we choose to love another, we can become attached to the 'idea' of what our future will look like in tandem with that person.
When we have money, we can become attached to the high it gives us, and the leisure it allows us to feel.
It seems that the common pattern here is attachment to feelings, more than the physicalities of the subject we're fixated on.
Like yin to yang, on the opposing side of light is always darkness.  My lessons; do not become attached, as attachment only opens the door for grief and loss.  Experience everything, good and bad, with gratitude and love.  See lessons at face value; do not lie to yourself for false comfort.  Face discomfort head on and conquer it; find healthy ways for self-soothing.
The Art of Separation has been my greatest life lesson; with all of the beauty and curses that come with it.  Separation is not goodbye... it's, "I'll see you later while I work on myself".  By the time the work is done, you're hopefully over the, "I'll see you later" part.
It's taken a lot to get here personally... to this point of opening up about my story, raw and authentically.  My friends and coworkers have pushed me to share it, and helped me to believe that I can use my story to help others going through similar experiences.
And so here we are;
Phase 1 - Out with the old, in with the new.  Separation.  Every purchase I made in my past life was carefully curated towards my various collections of designer goods - from home decor & furnishings to premiere designer ready-to-wear and accessories.  I have collections of healing stones, runes, and aged artifacts.  I'm ready to let go and start over, and I do hope the next person to enjoy my belongings handle them all with love and care.  I'm trying to desperately make fun out of something that has been an agonizing weight on my shoulders, and a cloud over my head.
Thank you for joining me on this very personal, extremely rejuvenating journey.
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This was so beautiful! I am so proud of you <3

Chanya Champagne

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